Mona is a native New Yorker and her dancing reflects the cultural diversity she was raised in. She is trained in Middle Eastern dance, Brazilian dance, jazz and ballet. In the late '90's and naughts, she danced with three companies, participated in several group one offs and choreographed many solo dances for herself. She performed city-wide in all kinds of venues, from Lincoln Center to the street.

After years of exploring and performing these various forms, she began to feel the dances pushing her in many different directions. Feeling like a passenger in a crowded subway at rush hour, Mona realized that humor and a more broad-minded thinking was needed for her to enjoy her work.
In 2004 she began her search for a more inventive mode.
Mona always makes her own costumes, for her dances and for Halloween. She started making costumes to wear to the NYC Halloween parade over twenty years ago. Once she started to perform, she realized how she can further articulate her ideas through her own costumes and have lots of fun doing it.
Sikidim: Middle Eastern dance performed at the Slipper Room, Atlantic Nights, Coney Island Side Show Benefit, Polanka, CBGB's Gallery and in the Vegas Show in Amsterdam. Turkish Techno delight.

Sin: Slow rockabilly fusion dance performed at the Slipper Room, Greatest Bar on Earth, the Living Room, Galapagos and Rodeo Bar.

The Dawn: Brazilian dance performed at the Slipper Room.

Grass Widow: Improvised dance in collaboration with Lisa Stefanelli (painter) at her opening at UP&CO, 2001.

Mona Moves Extravaganza: Bloomberg Christmas Party 2000 at the American Museum of Natural History.

Sunbeam Shimmy: Brazilian fusion dance in gold and glitter debuted at the Smoke on the Water Mini Mini Market fashion show and benefit extravaganza: North 6, April 19, 2005.
Companies and Group Projects
10/2000-12/2001- Mystical Motion: performed choreographed and improvised Middle Eastern dances at hospitals and nursing homes all over NYC.

1/2001-12/2001- Caribbean Rose: performed choreographed fusion of Middle Eastern and Latin dances at Lafayette Grill and Rakkasah East.

Dueling Banjos at the Slipper Room with Miss Kelly Webb, 2001. Two bellydancers, poles apart in appearance and style duel and then unite to the famous banjo and guitar arrangement.

Cornelia Street 4th of July festival, 2002 lead by Quenia Ribeiro.

Baptismal ceremony for capoeira initiates at the Church of all Nations, September 2001 lead by Quenia Ribeiro.

5/2004-12/2004 PURE. Beguiling fusion of Eastern folkloric dances performed in tour formations on the street. On September 9th and 10th 2004 we performed at World Culture Open Diversity Festival at Lincoln Center!

1/2006-5/2006- Department of Correctional Dance, co-members: Richard Olson, Cleo Knopf and Jennifer Neff. Dancers with diverse backgrounds come together to communicate differences through movement. First public performance at Dance Theater Workshop: Fielday, February 21, 2006.

Mona joins the Soon-To-Be-World-Famous Womenís Clown Troupe, lead by Kendall Cornell, and participated in the Clown Pageant. Friday and Saturday, March 17 & 18, 2006, 10pm at the West End Theatre, 263 W. 86th St. between Broadway and West End Ave. Co-performers: Sandy Ehlers, Jessica Farmer, Kathie Horejsi, Sulai Lopez, Julie Plumettaz and Maria Smushkovich.

On Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 Mona and the Kendall Cornell's Soon-To-Be-World-Famous Womenís Clown Troupe performed for the Cirque de Soleil at Pacha.

August 12, 2006, Staten Island's First International Dance Festival presented by Century Dance Complex. Mona co-produces this festival and performs with some members of The Ligers.

The Beverishka Van Der Kloop du Loup Fashion Ensemble performed in Fashionable Laughs and Tunes by the Desperate and Underpaid, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 20, 21 and 22 at 8:30pm. Actors Movement Studio, 302 West 37th St. The Beverishka Van Der Kloop du Loup Fashion Ensemble is a collection of quirky, quick-witted, riotous women performers that push the boundaries of the definition of Clown. This group of cutting edge contemporary creatives will bring a calvacade of chaos to the crimson carpeted catwalk. Mona Le Roy, Emily James, Kathie Horejsi, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Julie Kissin, Maria Smushkovich and Michaela Lind.

Not Just for Shock Value: A Femmes-Clowns Assemblage- Kendall Cornellís Soon-to-be-World-Famous Womenís Clown Troupe appears without stunt doubles! Dangerously funny, this beautiful troupe of clowns will shake you silly with laughter and rattle your funny bones. Not for the faint of humor. Kendall Cornell (creator and director); Clowns: Jessica Farmer, Melinda Ferraraccio, Kelly Hayes, Kathie Horejsi, Emily James, Ishah Janssen-Faith, Mona Le Roy, Judi Lewis Ockler, Julie Plumettaz, Maria Smushkovich, Ginny Venk.

Winter, 2006 at the West End Theatre.
Twelve shows presented by Six Figures Theatre Co.-April 2007 at the West End Theatre
Emerging Artists Theatre, April 2007
La MaMa, Sunday May 6th.

Go to for times and ticket information.
Click here to read a great review about the show in the New York Times!

Mona performs withTrish and Christoph - all new North Show and the Inauguration of the Staten Island Freak Corps The Return of the Great Blue Heron, May 4, 2007. ETG Book Cafe, 208 Bay Street, S.I. 8pm sharp! Check out Noiz Art.


9/03-8/04 Global Grooves, Champion Dance Studio, Midtown, Manhattan - Samba/Bellydance fusion. This is class focused on the isolations of both dance forms and blended them to various music styles.

3/04-1/05 The Ladies and Babies Dance Class, Greenspan Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Mona teaches new mothers a fusion of Samba and Bellydance while babies watch, and sometimes feel the grooves.

Fall and winter 2005-2006 The Napoleon Dynamite Dance Class. Mona leads a group through the famous dance in the movie, Napoleon Dynamite.

On October 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2006 at 7-9pm. The Napoleon Dynamite Dance Class came back! Good work Students! As a result a new group, The Pop Rocks are looking for some dancing adventure. Email Mona for more information!

Mona is available for private events such as birthday parties, corporate events and weddings to make your celebration spectacular! Contact Mona.

"More glitter! Glitter is like happiness, magic and sunshine. It shimmers and is fleeting. I love glitter!"

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